Some things happen by magic.


Everyone has a great idea from time to time. But it takes professionalism, bravery, endurance and a great deal of intelligent naiveté to transform a great idea into a feasible plan.


Even the best idea is worthless if you can’t execute. For that, people, skills, creativity and a plan are good. Awesome people, incredible skills, unlimited creativity and an impeccable plan are even better.

World Domination.

Without the will to make a difference, to make the world a better place, to live a dream, to become immortal or at least just help the internet become more human what we do would make no sense at all.

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We are a collective.

Magicmatic is a group of developers, designers, strategists, scientists, product managers, communication experts and business developers. We are entrepreneurs, visionaries, thinkers, tech lovers, inventors and world changers. Meet the team:

Caspar von Wrede

Last year Caspar spent some time in his garage building a time machine using an aquarium and a Big Mac. Unfortunately it switched itself on and blinked out of existence. He is expecting it to reappear in his garage in ca. 2500 years. He also expects the Big Mac to wipe out any civilization that is around at this stage.

Caspar grew up in England but has since come to realise that Berlin offers everything he will ever need. He loves using the internet and his Android phone. Caspar has gathered some experience as a product manager and loves making things really simple. Despite not owning an Apple device, he is a great fan of the Steve Jobs' quote "Focus means saying no". He has worked for and


Product Manager, Project Manager, Useability Expert, Java, HTML, CSS Developer, UNIX admirer, Time Machine Inventor. Codename: Watchtower

Pepe Ciardelli

The jolly californian is a graduate from Stanford University, which makes him the perfect internet entrepreneur. He is a tech guy from heart and loves developing incredible products. This is why he thought it would be great to become product manager at Zanox, Europe‘s leading performance advertising network. Before that among others he worked at Elephant Seven, Schering and the Berlin Botanic Garden.

He speaks CSS, HTML and Java as well as german and other strange "languages". He just became a proud uncle and loves to play tennis at his club in beautiful Kreuzberg, where he is also the Kassenwart.


Product Manager, Project Manager, Java, HTML, CSS developer, Online Marketing Expert, Straight to Performance Guru, American with German Heart. Codename: The Duke

Bijan Latif

Bijan started his own creative business at the dawn of the digital age. Falling in love with the internet in 1996, he outlived dial-up, Netscape Navigator, the new economy, and MySpace. He hopes to also outlive Facebook. He likes great business ideas and as a convicted designer he strongly believes in the marketing power of visual communication.

Bijan is a programmers worst nightmare simply because he is crazy about details. Businesswise he is pretty bad at numbercrunching but compensates this with sheer instinct. His design skills and his creativity are legendary, he possesses secret superpowers and often he believes he is an omniscient god. He also has written this text himself and for SEO reasons he adds the words entrepreneur, visionary and disruptive here.


Creative Director, Graphic Designer, UI/Web Designer, Marketing Director, Advertising and Communication Specialist, Corporate Design Expert, Born Berliner. Codename: Eagle Eye

Paul von Bünau

Paul must have a much higher brain density than others. Although his head is average sized, he managed to become B.Sc. in computer science from the University of Potsdam, M.Sc. in Pure Mathematics from the University of St. Andrews and a Ph.D. student in machine learning at TU Berlin and is now a research associate there. His M.Sc. thesis is on "computing the automorphism group of arbitrary semigroups" (WTF?).

In addition to his scientific career he worked for Deutsche Bank London, for RDRS Bangladesh, for idalab (a quantitative consulting boutique), and as scientific advisor to The Fundamental Group, an architecture practice as well as, a fashion aggregator. And because with all this Paul still feels a bit underchallenged, he studies economics at the LSE as a hobby. Oh, and if you wondered: he has a girlfriend.


Advanced Mathematics, Machine Learning, Computer Science, Crazy Programming Stuff like databases and super complex things normal people do not understand. Codename: Count von Count

Emke Hillrichs

Emke grew up in a small town, in a family running the local newspaper. Dreaming of becoming a media tycoon, he studied media management & communication research, but the temptations of the agency world lured him to become a strategic planner and brand consultant.

Since being one of the first fulltime employees of diffferent strategy agency, Emke spent the last 12 years cumulating some experience in communication-, business- and innovation-strategy work. His agency career put him in touch with a broad range of industry sectors, ranging from blue chips to start-ups, from automotive, beverages and consumer electronic to media companys and, of course, publishing houses - you can take the boy out of the newspaper, but you can’t take the newspaper out of the boy.


Text & Concept, Qualitative & Quantitative Market Research, Brand & Business Strategy, Portfolio Strategy, Communication & Touch-Point Strategy, Product & Brand Innovation, Can explain simple things in a complex manner. Codename: Flipchart

Francesco Votta

Francesco could have spent his life continuing the family business of olive farming in southern Italy but eventually he chose to be a telecommunications engineer. In his career, Francesco became an expert for payment technologies, mobile communication and mobile devices working at Hewlett Packard in Rome and Vodafone Global in Duesseldorf. But he found his home in Berlin, discovering his real passion at zanox: performance advertisement or in other words: how to make huge piles of money for others via the internet.

Besides his professional work he loves to think about how to bring quality food into everybody‘s kitchen, keep himself informed on sustainable, green energy and find the perfect cuban cigar/whisky combination.


Product Manager, Project Manager, Mobile Service Industry Expert, Cooperation and System Integration, Performance Advertising, C#, Unix. Codename: Charlie Brown

Eike Wolf

After his vocational training as a banker Eike studied economics and journalism in Berlin and Gothenburg. Becoming a public relations professional with a focus on investor relations and public affairs, and working for agencies like the Publicis Group he came in early contact with the startup and internet world through clients like 12snap, alertbird, digital spirit, dooyoo and yamando. Today he is a freelance strategic consultant, being head of corporate communication and investor relations of Studio Babelsberg.

Eike loves vintage motorcycles, films and his little daughter. He suffers from spontaneous attention deficit sydrome but this is just a sign of his genius. At least this is what he thinks.


Business Administration, Economics, Investor Relations, Public Affairs, Corporate Communication, Publicity, Advertising Model. Codename: Iron Wolf

Daniel Neubauer

Daniel wrote his first games using assembler, starting coding robots as a young schoolboy, and is a tech guy through and through. Fascinated by the ever-growing power of code and how it enables us to turn visions into products, he believes that code will either save the planet or blow us all up.

Daniel is a graduate at University of Stuttgart in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, and has a Master of Business and Engineering at Steinbeis University Berlin. Before joining the Product Management team at zanox, Europe's leading performance advertising network, he worked on mobile speech recognition applications at Alcatel SEL and on model-driven-development at Tangible Engineering GmbH.


Product Manager, Project Manager, System Thinking, Creativity, C#, JS, NOSQL Developer, Online Marketing Expert, SEM, SEA. Codename: Developer Hero

Matt Henderson

Matt started his career in the film and advertising world where he gained a lot of professional experience in post production, editing and tech support. He is now also a specialist in server, system and network affairs as well as data management methods.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, he found a new home in Berlin-Neukoelln, where he spends his pastime playing tennis tournaments and improving his already legendary cooking skills. When he is bored of welcoming friends from all over the world to his rooftop terrace, Matt loves to travel and visit them in exchange. At the Swinbourne University of Technology he made his BA in philosophy and psychology, which was fun but doesn't help him at all today.


Video Editing, Post Production Supervision, Server, System & Network Management and Support, Workflow Management, Data Management Systems Specialist, Troubleshooting. Codename: Le Chef

Maximilian Knop

In the past years, Max has gathered a lot of experience in building apps for mobile devices on iOS and Android. Clients include IDG and many german radio stations like Fritz, rbb, Radio Eins. Max can develop facebook apps, too. He is also an expert in RFID, NFD and other mobile data collection systems and has applied that technology to client projects.

Max has his desk at Berlin's coworking space Betahaus and attends a lot of tech conferences and expos. He is a classic geek and loves all kinds of gadgets, giving his special love to something else every once in a while. Right now it's Android. When Max is away from the screen, he loves to play golf or ride his scooter. He is also a photography enthusiast.


iOS and Android developer, Objective-C, C++, HTML, CSS, Apache, MySQL, RFID/NFC and mobile data collection expert, Golf amateur with a handicap of -7,6. Codename: Mole

We develop and design websites, apps and software.

We are working on the next big thing and the other next big thing after the one before and on the small things, too. What does this mean?
It means developing great ideas and solutions for all kinds of problems, transforming them into great products for the digital age.

We are currently working on a bunch of incredible projects: a platform that brings travel and transport together, the next generation universal local personal guide, the online printing revolution, on a tool that solves money issues and on the future of food distribution. Curious? Get in touch with us or let us notify you:

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Because of course we want to become filthy, filthy rich*.

And because we want to make our world a better place and life more easy. Because we love to create, explore, invent. Because we are so product driven, it almost hurts. Because we like to execute, develop, like to see our babies grow, like to see others make good use of what we've come up with.

* Well, probably we've just heard too many stories of people becoming billionaires with an internet startup, beginning small and becoming huge. Of course we want that, too! And we know one thing: you can put money to good and bad use. From the shitloads of money we are going to make we will buy monster yachts, Ferraris, private jets, huge villas in posh neighbourhoods and tons of bling bling for our supermodel trophy wives. And we'll throw all-weekend parties with escort girls, heaps of drugs and bathtubs full of Dom Perignon... You too want to be in this, right? Become an investor! Become an investor!

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